the future

lies in dualities

AND/OR: a question inspired by possibility, hope, responsibility, a reckoning. To buy less and/or wear longer. Not an outfit for every occasion, but one outfit for every occasion. To be worn for sun up and/or sun down. For those who stay still and/or go still. A mission to adapt.

We are &OR Collective. A tech-led clothier made for the conscious and contemporary human. Meticulously designed with your lifestyle and our planet in mind, our luxe knits are manufactured using an innovative, waste-free technology and are fully recyclable.


on a mission

to go

full circle

In an industry marred by pollution and careless waste, we're determined to reimagine how clothes are considered, worn, purchased and crafted. To know better is to be better, which is why we invite you on our collective mission to inspire and propel us towards a better future.


As much as 15 percent of fabrics are still discarded on the factory floor, 25 percent of garments remain unsold, and less than 1 percent of products are recycled into new garments.

This wastefulness only scratches the surface of the larger issues plaguing the industry –one that's failing us all. But here at &OR Collective, we're not ones to back down. We embrace the complexity of these issues and believe that knowledge and community are the keys to transformation. In this pivotal moment on Earth, we strive to be a shining example of what's possible.

Our approach is pointed: challenge fast fashion, tackle manufacturing waste, and give new life to discarded garments. We're all about listening, learning, and pushing boundaries, while making transparency and responsible practices our guiding principles. Together, let's reshape the fashion landscape and rewrite its narratives. 


over fashion

Style is &OR’s leading force of change: embracing the capsule wardrobe mindset, we redefine fast fashion with conscious consumption. Our elevated anyplace essentials are intended to transcend time and trends.¸



over complacency

Traditional clothing manufacturing generates over 15% textile waste, motivating us to do better. That’s why our premium quality pieces are crafted using a zero-waste knitting technology, drastically minimizing our environmental footprint. And we don't compromise on quality - we knit with yarns carefully chosen for their sustainability, durability, and traceability.



over lasts

We've downsized your closet and minimised production waste, but what about clothes you no longer need? Closing the loop is crucial to us. That's why we've partnered with SuperCircle to launch the Collective Continuum—a program for responsible garment recycling, avoiding mindless landfill dumping. Join us in giving your clothes a sustainable afterlife.

Join our

Collective Continuum


Let's close the loop together. Through our Collective Continuum platform in partnership with SuperCircle, you can upcycle your once-loved clothing and we'll ensure they're responsibly recycled. Simply send us your items, earn credits, and start building your &OR capsule wardrobe.

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