A delicate dance of dualities


Where sand meets lava, and the jungle embraces humanity – Nicaragua – a place only suitable for our Collective’s beginnings. Our exploration in dualities. 

Along these shores and volcanic peaks we pay our respects to a planet so endlessly giving. It is here we take notes on reciprocity.

Collection 01 challenges the how's and why's of dressing, with a modest but pointed capsule of knitwear pieces that blur boundaries. Effortless and/or sophisticated, to be worn from sunup and/or sundown, inspired by natures palettes and/or city living, and made for all bodies.

Our offering is waste-free, fully recyclable, and thoughtfully designed for a life of dualities.

Welcome to our world, where less is always more. 

Photography by Louisa Nicolaou | Cinematography Ali Parker, Dena Anwar and Yanis Ait Mohamed